22 Appealing Winter Outfits for Work – Office Outfit Ideas for Women

22 Appealing Winter Outfits for Work – Office Outfit Ideas for Women

22 Appealing Winter Outfits for Work – Office Outfit Ideas for Women

22 Appealing Winter Outfits for Work – Office Outfit Ideas for Women

This winter, give your office outfits a slight edge. You’ll want to dress up with style and sophistication for work, but find ways to make it feel like you’re still wearing clothes that are appropriate for the season. One way is by dressing in layers – this will keep you warm when the weather decides to take a turn for the worse. Another way is by pairing your outfit with some trendy accessories, such as a scarf or gloves. Consider mixing up your wardrobe staples with something new!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if, when it came to work, you were able to take snow days just like you did from school when you were a kid? Unfortunately, in the grown-up world, things don’t work that way. BUT that doesn’t mean that just because you have to go into the office every morning that you can’t look like you stepped right on out of a catalog when you do.

So, to make you feel a bit better about punching a time clock, we’ve provided you with some super cute winter outfits. Ones that will work, wonderfully so…for work!

1.  “Casual Friday” attire

22 Appealing Winter Outfits for Work – Office Outfit Ideas for Women

OK, so let’s begin with “Casual Friday.” Hopefully, it will give you some encouragement to get through the rest of the week. Even if your office frowns on blue denim, one way to still get away with wearing jeans is to put on some colored ones. Or even black (the blacker, the better).

2. Brown blazer and slacks with tan long sleeve ruffled blouse

22 Appealing Winter Outfits for Work – Office Outfit Ideas for Women

Say that you are actually in the process of looking for a job, and you hate the traditional interview attire. Here’s one way where you can still look professional while still incorporating quite a bit of your personality in the process. Hues of brown are comforting to look at and wear. It helps to put everyone in the interview room at ease.

3. Dark flared jeans and lots of brown accessories.

If your boss did tell you that you can wear jeans, but they need to be “business appropriate,” some dark blue flare ones should fit the bill. Then you can add as many brown accessories as you would like. We doubt you’ll get any complaints. Only compliments.

4. Grey slacks, royal blue tank, and white cardigan

Grey, blue and white. Charming colors for work. And this particular look is perfect for winter. Our favorite part? How the animal print bag ties everything all in together.

5. White and taupe with red accessories

As it gets closer to Christmas, you’re probably going to see more red. That’s because it’s one of the holiday’s most popular and festive colors. Our suggestion is to add some non-Christmas-colors to it. As you can see, taupe is perfect.

6. “Matchy match” with black accessories


Does this seem like too much grey at first? Yeah, we get where you’re coming from. But we added this into the mix because wearing all one color is a fashion trend right now. What’s important to keep in mind is if the clothes are all one solid color, make sure that the accessories are another one.

7. Sweater dress (with a low V-neck)

This is the kind of sweater dress you wear if you know you have a date coming up after work. If you want to show the low V-neck on your date, we’re all for it (it’s another fashion trend right now). But at work? To look a bit more conservative, you can put on a tank top underneath it.

8. Fitted grey embroidered dress with red jewelry, purse, and pumps.

Every single woman at your office is going to sing your praises if you walk in with an embroidered dress like this one! Two tips here: Don’t order this kind of dress online; you’re going to need to make sure that it fits. Secondly, go with a bold color like red when it comes to accessorizing. That’s what makes it “pop”!

9. Black dress, tan brim, and brown leather cross body bag

Black and tan work well together. This outfit is great because it’s fashionable but also casual and stylish. You’ll be very comfortable in a look like this, and thanks to the brim, you won’t have to spend a ton of time on your hair in the morning.

10. Black sleeveless dress, light brown cardigan, and brown riding boots

22 Appealing Winter Outfits for Work – Office Outfit Ideas for Women

How cute (and youthful-looking) is this? A sleeveless flare dress with a brown cardigan and riding boots? Too precious indeed! Something else that caught our eye with this is the monogrammed clutch. That’s because it’s two trends in one. Clutch purses are in. And monogram everything is also in.

11. All black with tri-color coat

Here’s another way to wear all one color. You can walk in with the bold stripes of that tri-color coat and bag to match and look like your boss. Of the entire company. Even if you’re not.

12. Pink, grey, and black


If you told us that you looked at this picture and didn’t smile, we probably wouldn’t believe you. There is something so feminine and heartwarming about the pink and grey combo. And if you want to look a bit more mature with it, add some black somewhere in the mix.

13. Navy blue blouse, white pencil skirt, and brown accessories

Is it fair to be the sexiest woman at work? We’re not sure, but that’s precisely what’s going to happen if you show up with an outfit like this! The colors are so appealing and what we appreciate is that this is a reminder that you don’t have to pack up your white articles of clothing until spring. It’s all about knowing what to pair which thing with, as you can see.

14. Plaid pencil skirt and “Christmas” scarf

So, what are you to do with all of the Christmas accessories that you’ve gotten before or will even get this year? One option is to mix and match them with another pattern. Take this plaid (an in-style print) skirt and “Christmas scarf,” for instance. It looks so good together that it almost makes you want to go out and get a few more Christmas-y things yourself. ALMOST.

15. Black and white herringbone


Herringbone is another print that’s in, so we just had to include it here. We like it a lot in the form of a pencil skirt. Probably our second favorite would be in the form of a winter coat.

16. Aztec print mini skirt and suede calf boots


Did you know that Aztec print is considered to be highly fashionable right now? If you have a mini skirt that comes in it, you can “tone it down a bit” by putting on some dark-colored opaque tights. As far as your shoes, you’ll look marvelous in ankle, calf, or knee boots.

17. Jean dress and button-down cable knit sweater (with floral scarf)

Your boss will probably let you pull off a jean dress. But if you want to make it look a bit more “office appropriate,” add a cable knit sweater to it and then some brown leather accessories. Then break up the monotony with a printed scarf and a beaded bangle.

18. Grey off-the-shoulder knit dress with brown aviator leather jacket


Grey and brown work, pardon the pun, corporately well together. And while it’s a bit conservative, it won’t be if your knit dress fits you well, your shoes have a lot of personalities, and you top everything off with a brown aviator jacket like this one.

19. Black-and-white sweater dress with a burgundy coat


20. Green, grey, and black combo

We’re willing to bet a few dollars that if you decide to go to work with a green top and grey slacks (or the reverse), you’re going to have a few of your co-workers say something along the lines of “Gee, I never thought to combine that before. Nice.” And yes, it is.

21. Grey knit dress and a floral infinity scarf.


This dress is cute whether you’re pregnant or not. That’s because it’s figure-flattering, no matter what size or body type you may be. But if you do decide to get one in color like grey (or black), avoid white or brown accessories. Try some bolder colors and when it comes to your scarf, yep…opt for a “busy” print.

22. Taupe sweater dress with shades of brown accessories

STUNNING. We don’t need to say much more about this outfit but let’s see…if you go with a neutral color like taupe, let all of these accessories serve as a reminder that none of them have to match. They all need to go well together. (Please don’t forget the sunglasses. They are must-haves for all seasons!)

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