What To Do When Your Dog Eats A Tampon

What To Do When Your Dog Eats A Tampon

What To Do When Your Dog Eats A Tampon

Why do dogs eat tampons?

A lot of people have asked the question, “why do dogs eat tampons?” This is a good question. Of course, dogs will eat anything, but why? Why would they want to put something in their mouth that could potentially make them sick? We are trying to find out what’s so delicious about these feminine hygiene products. What is it about tampons that makes them attractive to our four-legged friends?

I was shocked when my dog ate a tampon. I had just washed it and left it on the counter, so he must have smelled it before I even got to the kitchen. The next day, I saw her chewing another one! Was this normal? Do dogs like eating tampons?

What to do when your dog eats a tampon

If your dog ingests a tampon, remain calm! First, try to figure out how many tampons or pads your dog ate. If they ate non-used products, save the wrappers for counting purposes. If they only consumed a small amount, your pup might be able to pass these products just fine. It won’t be pretty, but it also won’t be dangerous to their health.

However, if you suspect your dog has eaten a large amount of any genital-based human product, take them to the vet. Additionally, watch for signs of intestinal blockage:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating
  • Weight loss
  • Trouble eating

What do the signs of intestinal blockage mean?

Symptoms associated with intestinal obstruction help to identify the location of the object. Intermittent vomiting or diarrhea can indicate a partial obstruction where food or water can still pass through the system. Abdominal pain and constant vomiting, especially after eating or drinking, may indicate a blockage in the upper section of the intestinal tract. If the obstruction is in the upper small bowel, projectile vomiting may occur. In cases where the item has lodged in the lower bowels, the vomit may be brown and smell like feces because the blockage prevents bowel movements and things from passing through.
Dogs have been known to swallow some incredible items, but some household items are red flags and should be avoided: cotton items such as socks or towels, stretchy things like rubber bands, hair ties, rawhide, and rocks, to name a few.
Also, keep the bathroom door closed from now on.

Why do dogs eat tampons?

Why do dogs eat tampons?

You probably already know that dogs are big on sniffing crotches. They do this because they’re searching for information — the same reason they sniff other dogs’ butts. Our genital and anal areas contain high concentrations of pheromones, which is what dogs are trying to sniff out.

There’s a related reason your dog may chomp down on your tampons. Although there is no definite answer to why dogs eat non-food items, we can make some educated guesses. Melvin Peña at Dogster points out that dogs’ consumption of human biowaste is not limited to tampons. Dogs have also been known to get into dirty diapers, use condoms, and any other gross biowaste product put in a trash can.

Peña also notes that a dog’s primary sense organs, and the two that they can use from birth, are their nose and their tongue. Smell and taste are two essential ways that dogs gather information. And because dogs are both hunters and scavengers, they’re naturally attracted to smells of bodily fluids, as well as smells associated with decay.


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