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There was a time when people would get upset that they missed their favorite TV show, or had to rush home from work to catch the new episodes of Jersey Shore, but like cable television, that is yesterday’s news since with the online television trend moving into the future. is an online video search engine site that allows users to watch their favorite episodes on reliable sources on their tablets or PCs. When you hear the name TVRecaps, it simply means, catching up on your TV shows. That however is true, but we also deliver current and popular TV shows like, Modern Family, Tera Nova, Jersey Shore and much more. In fact, we have all the popular show on our main page, along with a complete list of other shows on the left side of the page. In addition, we also have classic shows that date far back to the 1970’s. This is especially enjoyed by our older users who enjoy still enjoy classic television.

We have been getting positive feedback from users complimenting our service and functionality since inception. In addition, we are implementing a lot of new content that allows users to fully interact with TVRecaps. However, TVRecaps is not just limited to watching TV. Users can read reviews and keep up to date with the news and also watch live streaming TV from around the globe.

With the future of television on the rise, TVRecaps is emerging with the trend. Big name actors such as Tom Hanks, Kevin Spacey and Steven Van Zandt are already starting the web TV trend. In fact, Yahoo is partnering with ABC news for web video, and licensing original comedy which too will be featured on our site. YouTube is spending $100 million on original programming.

In addition to TV shows, a movie is added where users can search for their favorite movies and watch them the same way as they would with TV shows. The movie collection dates far back to the early 1970’s to the current popular ones today. This is a great way for everyone to enjoy watching what movies Was cole hauser In.

The rise of TV online is here, with more and more people watching premium content online now than ever (22% of US population watches TV online) and TVRecaps hopes to be the first stop for all media consumption online.






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