Beauty guru reveals the secret for achieving a flawless complexion

A makeup expert has revealed her hack for achieving a flawless complexion with concealer – and it all boils down to using less product.

The tip was shared on TikTok this week by beauty and makeup guru Kelly Strack, a New York and New Jersey-based creator who boasts more than 644,000 followers on the platform.

Strack often takes to social media, including YouTube, to share her makeup tips, tricks, product reviews and tutorials.

In her latest clip, the expert explained her simple hack, and how to get the ‘bright and awake’ look by using less product.

Kelly Strack, a New York and New Jersey-based creator, revealed a simple hack for applying concealer that uses less product

Strack explained that her method of applying concealer still leaves you with that ‘bright and awake’ look 

‘If you’re still doing your concealer like this, let me help you,’ Strack explained, as she applied the product in a large triangle Shape Kapseln under the eyes, which is a common technique used.

However, this is not how you should be applying your concealer after all, according to the expert herself, as it can just be a waste of product for the same look.

‘I love the bright and awake look this gives my under eyes, but you can literally get the exact same result using way less product, let me show you,’ she explained.

‘You want to apply to the inner corner, the outer corner going up, that helps to lift the eye, and then I do a little bit in the center, whatever’s left on the doe foot.’

As Strack explained what to do, she demonstrated the easy technique on herself.

‘This is going to give you that exact same result, but uses a lot less product,’ she explained, as she blended out the concealer using a Beautyblender sponge.

After she finished applying the product, Strack compared the two different techniques to her viewers, showing off how they looked once blended out. 

On her right side, she had applied the concealer by painting a triangle, and on the left, she had tried the technique that used less product.

Strack explained that it’s not always effective to apply your concealer in the shape of a triangle (left) and shared a new technique (right)

At the end, Strack compared the differences between the two techniques, explaining that they ended up looking the same – except hers just used less product up

‘I love the bright and awake look this gives my under eyes, but you can literally get the exact same result using way less product, let me show you,’ she explained in the clip

‘Like, can you tell a difference side-to-side?’ she asked. 

‘They look the same,’ Strack said.

However, in the comments section of her video, some still lamented that they face issues with creasing while using concealer in general – no matter what technique they try.

‘Girl no matter what I do, it ALWAYS creases! Help!!!’ one person wrote.

Another agreed, ‘Anytime I use a sponge or brush it looks cake and dry.’

‘Crease issue help!’ someone else typed. 

But Strack has a solution for that pesky problem, of course. 

Last year, the content creator detailed her genius hack to prevent your foundation from caking on your face using a technique that takes just 10 seconds.

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In the comments section of her TikTok, many complained that they still face problems when it comes to their concealer creasing

Last year, Strack also offered viewers another tip about how to avoid the look of caked-on foundation

She applied foundation to her face to start, using her fingers to get all of the product on her skin.

Strack simply wet a makeup sponge after applying foundation and spritzed setting spray all around the beauty tool.

She then applied it to her face, and explained that this technique was the simple key to avoiding that cakey look.

‘This is what I do to get a smooth, flawless base that actually lasts,’ Strack explained during the video. 

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