Why The 80s Are The Best Era!

The best cartoons and tv shows were made in the 80s. Maybe they were a bit cheesy but they were perfect for kids and their education.

Every cartoon ended with a lesson for the children, like watch out before crossing the street, George Clooney Top Movies don’t talk to strangers and never tell a lie.

I can understand why some cartoons have been remade into a movie, but that’s not always a guarantee for a movie to be hit machine.

It started in the 80s with Dolph Lundgren in the remake of He-Man Masters of the Universe and Inspector Gadget

These are perfect examples of how a remake fails and proves that just because a show was very popular in the 80s, it’s no guarantee that people will swallow every movie that comes out.

It has to do with a sentimental and nostalgic feeling that you can’t reproduce or fabricate.

On the other hand, Looking at the movie about Transformers Generation 1, everyone knows that it was a smashing hit.

Maybe the special effects are the reason the movie became a hit or is it the time we live in.

Techniques are more advanced then in the 80s, and people changed as well.It seems that special effects come first, the story second.

It all depends on what you ask from a movie when you watch it.

Either way, in my opinion, nothing compares to the classic 80s cartoons, tv shows or songs.

Look at all the websites and blogs that have content about the great 80s, competition is hard and almost every website about the 80s is a success.

The music in the hit parades, a lot are samples from an 80s hit and thats another fact that proves why the 80s are the best era ever.

The conclusion is that this era will never come back but will live on in all of the hearts and minds of us 80s children. Lets hope that the joy and fun we feel stays with us and never goes away.

The 80s are retro, classic, and they are timeless.

Lets keep the 80s alive by writing and publishing great articles, making good entertaining websites and posting relevant blogs.






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